Card to Card Transfer

Card-to-card transfers - from any card to anywhere in the world at any time. We offer instant and 24 hour accessible service through the Card2Card platform.

The holder of any card issued by Armenian banks under ARCA, VISA and MASTERCARD payment systems (including VTB-Armenia Bank) and secured by 3D Secure security system has the opportunity to make money transfer from his card to any card issued by ARCA system member banks under ARCA, VISA and MASTERCARD payment systems, as well as to VISA , MASTERCARD and MIR cards issued by non-members of ARCA system.

Before making card-to-card transfers, please refer get acquainted with the conditions provided on the website.

«ATTENTION»:besides the commissions charged during the transfer, your issuing Bank may also apply other commissions as well.

During card-to-card transfers, the transferred amount immediately becomes accessible on the card, except when the Bank of the receiving card has a different policy.

Card2Card transfers